1. Phil Overlay – Shooting Stars

2. Phil Overlay – Trifecta

3. Phil Overlay – Showdown

4. Phil Overlay – Limitless

5. Phil Overlay – Pink Skies

6. Phil Overlay – Pegacorn

7. Phil Overlay – Lift Me Up


Why do I make my own music? Maybe the most important question for a music producer and artist like me to answer. From my point of view, music is all about infusing and transferring emotions. Whether it originates feels of joy, motivates to reach your true potential, encourages in tough situations or just fuels your rage to blow off steam. Music restores my balance and revives my energy, whenever I need it. So in this aspect, music has always been an important part of my life. Nevertheless these feelings grew so much stronger, when I started to compose my own music, as a new way to express myself.

„Wild Wonders“ is my debut album as an artist, who aims to find his way in the beautiful world of music. I felt so proud, when I finally uploaded my tracks that I had been working on for months. I literally jumped around in my room, as the joy was filling me up inside. Not just because it gave me the oppurtunity to get feedback from other people, but also due to the fact that I liked the idea of creating pieces that could actually affect other people in a positive way.