“More Than A Friend” has been in the making for almost two years now. Nora and I met when a mutual friend introduced us to each other and we clicked right away on a personal level. The pandemic and several moves made it hard to wrap up the song, but we were determined to polish our work – the result is something that I am really proud of. It is the first vocal song that I have fully written and produced myself, as well as the first single of my upcoming album “House of Chords” and the first glimpse of Future Blues: so a milestone from plenty of perspectives.

The story behind the lyrics is very personal to me. I had the questionable honor of experiencing the ominous friendzone too many times already, and coming up with the idea for the song I felt like the typical friendzone anthems like Marshmello’s “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” were treating the topic way too playfully. Being in love with a friend and knowing that it is and probably never will be reciprocated is an incredibly hard and painful reality to deal with. It meant that I wanted her to be happy even if it meant that it was slowly but surely drowning me to watch her with other guys instead of me. But of course, the harshest revelation of them all was that in the end, you are both the builder and gatekeeper of your friendzone prison: sending friend-ish instead of flirty signals, hiding your true feelings, and of course refusing to let go even though you should know better.

“More Than A Friend” is the perfect song for everybody who is currently suffering from the friendzone and is looking forward to escaping its trap. If you want to find out how I successfully solved the situation for myself, you should check out the story behind this song right here:



I got close enough to be your best friend,

but also close enough to never be your girlfriend.


But you’re not alone, never seen her face.

She’s whispering in your ear, wonder what she says.

Is it just a game to you? Am I nothing but a price?

She’s standing right next to you, but you stare into my eyes.

CHORUS 1+2 (2x):

Look at me, clear your mind.

You’re the one you were meant to find.

Look at me, can’t you see?

That you’re more than a friend to me.


Listen friend, is this the end? Cause I already feel the pain.

Won’t bear no more, though won’t close the door,

As I wait in vain.


Is it just a game to you? Am I nothing but a price?

She’s standing right next to you, but you stare into my eyes.