Technically I don’t like to looking back to the past, because it often misleads me to being stuck in the present. My mind gets racked up about what could or should have been differently, and how my personal growth would have been affected in these little hypothetic scenarios. As you can imagine, this game usually ends in a lake of regrets and subsequently frustrations, in disbelief, why I have let so many oppurtunities slip through my fingers, despite of the multitude of beautiful memories I shared with my friends aswell.

But at certain places I can’t resist the temptation of reliving my memories, whether I want to or not. My former school is one of those places. A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine convinced me to join her on our personal little reunion tour back at the legendary site, where I have experienced so many ambivalent memories and the majority of my youth. Honestly, I held severe reservations about this trip, mostly because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even if anybody would remember us after all this time. Sure enough, many people recognized our faces and we embraced the oppurtunities at hand to travel back in history. Obviously I was very happy that for once I hadn’t thought too much and recaptured control over yet another chance, that was about to slip through my wrist aswell.

Shortly after our graduation, I felt like it would be tough to ever lose touch with these times. I felt like my group of friends and I would stick together, regardless of completely different career ambitions. Because I was feeling this special bond, just like everybody in my class aswell. Funny how things change over time. Almost four years later I kind of still feel that special bond. Nevertheless our lifes have changed drastically. I grew apart from some friends, the remaining ones moved to other cities, even other countries. Most of our contact occurs per phone, it has become really hard to meet with each other. Two guys of my graduation class even announced their respective engagements to their girlfriends recently.

My newest track „Memories“ represents the unapproachable, involuntary, yet warm and comforting feelings, when I am reminded of all these little stories, as I start to relive my memories with a breeze of nostalgia. It merges regretful sentiments aswell as the lovely replays of my favorite memories. The funny thing is: our graduation class reunion is coming up in about three weeks. So I am signed up for the same rollercoaster all over again. Nevertheless I am actually looking forward to it!